Login Screen

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  1. Quick Login

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  1. E-Mail Login

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Main Menu

  1. Logout Button

  2. Settings Button

  3. Active Team: Shows the monsters you have in your team. This team will be used in fights.

  4. Main Menu: Entry point to different play modes and other menus.

  • Quick Match: Starts a fight against a random enemy to earn coins and experience points.

  • Adventure: Starts the adventure mode that allows to capture new Gemons based on your location. GPS is needed to access this mode.

  • Expedition: Expeditions consist of a series of fights. By finishing expeditions you can progress in the storyline. (Expeditions are still work and progress and currently only serve as a demo implementation.)

  • PvP: Play against friends and in tournaments in the Player vs. Player mode. (Not implemented yet!)

  • Shop: Used to buy items.

  • Collection: Provides an overview of all Gemons you captured and is used to swap monsters in your team.

  1. Inventory Button: See all the items you own.


  1. Return Button: Run away from the fight.

  2. Catch Gemon: Try to catch the wild Gemon consuming a Geode in the process. Has a chance of failing depending on the enemy monster level and health. This is only available in the Adventure Mode.

  3. Ability Buttons: Tap to trigger the corresponding ability.

  4. Active Gemon: The Gemon you are currently using.

  5. Swap Gemon: By tapping on one of the Gemons in your team panel you can swap the currently active Gemon. Swapping counts as action, which means you won't be able to choose an ability this turn. Gemons with a red background are already unconcious and cannot be chosen.

Type Boni

Depending on the type of an ability and the type of the defending Gemon, the attack may do more, less or no damage. The table on the right shows the type boni associated to all combinations. For example:

  • A neutral ability does no damage to ghost type Gemons.

  • A water ability does more damage to fire and earth type Gemons, but less to water and nature types.

Ability Types

Your Gemons can learn abilities that have different effects. There are seven different types of effects.

  1. Damage Effects: Inflict damage to the opposing Gemon when they hit.

  2. Healing Effects: Instantly heal your Gemon.

  3. Damage Over Time Effects: Apply a status effect to the opposing Gemon that deals damage at the end of each turn. Multiple status effects can be applied to a Gemons as long has they have a different type (neutral, water, fire, ...). If a status effect is applied to a Gemon that already has a status effect of that type, the old status is replaced with the new one. Every status effect vanishes after a number of turns specific to the used ability.

  4. Healing Over Time Effects: Similar to damage over time abilities, healing over time abilities apply a status effect that heals your Gemon at the end of each round for a given number of turns.

  5. Shield Effects: Apply a status effect to your Gemon, that reduces the ammount of damage you take from enemy damage abilities, for a given number of turns.

  6. Ward Effects: Apply a status effect to your Gemon that negates the next effect an opponent would apply to it. Please note that if a single ability has multiple effects, only the first one is prevented. E.g.: The ability Poison Sting consists of two effects. A damage effect that instantly deals damage and a damage over time effect. A ward will only negate the first effect, in this case the instantly dealt damage. The damge over time effect will still be applied to your Gemon.

  7. Cleanse Effects: Instantly remove all negative status effects from your Gemon.


The datacard can be accessed by tapping on the profile image of a Gemon in the collection or team panel. It shows all relevent information of a Gemon and allows you to apply buff items or even evolve your Gemon.

  1. Healthbar and XP: Usually Gemons heal after fights. But during expeditions this is not the case. The health bar shows the current health of your Gemon. If your Gemon is hurt you, a "Heal" button will appear next to the health bar. Tap this button to apply healing items before you continue an expedition. The experience points bar shows how many experience points your Gemon needs to aquire to reach the next level.

  2. Talent Indicator: Every Gemon is different, even those which belong to the same species. The talent indicator provides a level independent overview of how high the four base stats (health, attack, defense, speed) of your Gemon are in comparison to other Gemons of the same species. The farther the needle is on the right side, the stronger the Gemon.

  3. Type and Level: Inidcates the type of the Gemon and its current level. The type is important for the damage calculation as we showed in the combat section. The level is an indicator of how strong a Gemon is and can be increased by earning experience points. The maximum level a Gemon can reach is level 100. With each level-up, the attributes of your Gemon will increase. On certain levels it will learn new abilities.

  4. Crystal Essence Bar: Powerful crystals give Gemons their unique abilities. With special potions called crystal essences the attributes of Gemons can be increased even further. The crystal essence bar provides an overview of the number and type of special potions given to the Gemon. Consider that a Gemon can only take a given ammount of potions, and once a crystal essence has been applied, the process cannot be reverted. The effect is permanent.

  5. Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), Speed (SPD): The ATK value of the attacking monster and DEF value of the defending monster determine how much damage an ability inflicts relative to its base value. The Gemon with the higher SPD value attacks first in each turn.

  6. Abilities: A Gemon uses abilities in fights to defeat the opposing Gemon. For an overview of the different types of abilities, have a look at our combat section.