3D render of a space scene background with rocks hurtling towards a fictional planet


Some years ago a huge asteroid was heading towards earth. All Scientists agreed that this would be the end of mankind. But when the asteroid entered the atmosphere something unexpected happened. It burst into millions of small pieces, which were spread over the whole planet. Nowadays, we call the smaller pieces Shards and the larger ones Gems.

The Birth of Gemons

When animals or plants got in contact with these pieces, they got gifted with special powers which we had never seen before. They were transformed into gem-monsters, they became the first Gemons. Scientists are still not sure where this asteroid was coming from, but they hope to get closer to unveiling this secret by analyzing as many Gemons and and asteroid pieces as possible.

We need You!

We need people like you, willing to venture out into the wild to catch Gemons and collect asteroid pieces. If you collect enough information, scientists might be able to unveil the secrets of Gemons and their mystical powers. Loose no time and sign up as a Gemon Tamer!